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Great Answers to Tough Questions at Work by Michael Dodd
Great Answers to Tough Questions at Work
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This review is from: Great Answers to Tough Questions at Work (Paperback)

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I am reviewing the book, Great Answers to Tough Questions at Work by Michael Dodd. Here are my thoughts:

^^ Good, clear suggestions for working out what to say when you don’t know the answers in lots of different situations.

^^ Also handy for learning tough answers for sales questions. Even if you are not a seller, it’s good to know the tricks sales people use so you have your own answers to turn back to them.

^^ Simple (yet very useful) techniques are explained very well, like the ABCDE selling formula and the Second Golden formula for highly emotive questions.

^^ I particularly like the use of AMEN, and TRUTH acronyms and what they stand for.

^^ The way the book teaches how to prepare in advance and stay positive is also very well done, so that conversations are more controlled and positive. Great for meetings, presentations and negotiations.

^^ This is a book one from a range of self help books by Capstone, which are all a similar size and stand next to each other in an nice even matching line, which I like, in a bookish OCD kind of way.

Overall: A good book that is handy to read for numerous situations; from starting out during interviews and 1:1s through to high-flying promotion grillings like those on the apprentice. Always handy to be prepared, because you never know when you may need knowledge like this. Would also recommend this to Credit Managers and their teams, where negotiations can get tough.

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