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Gone Without a Trace by Mary Torjussen

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This review is from: Gone Without A Trace: Her boyfriend has vanished. Now someone is watching her. (Paperback)

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I am reviewing the book ‘Gone Without A Trace’ by Mary Torjussen. When Hannah returns home one day to find her boyfriend, Matt, has not only upped and left her but also taken everything he owns, too; it’s as if he never existed. Shocked, saddened and then angry at how he could have left her with no warning, in such a harsh way, Hannah sets out to track him down to get the answers she deserves. Meanwhile, her life is crumbling around her and someone playing with her mind. If it’s not Matt then who else would have it in for her? Here are my thoughts:

^^ Mary Torjussen has written a terrific book, with an increasingly popular ‘forever-doomed female lead’ I will never tire of. Ever.

^^ Written in first person point of view provides the author that element of emotional unreliability with the main character, who only tells you what she wants, or remembers. I love that, especially in a plot of this style.

^^ Hannah is a great character and one to really root for as her story unfolds with several heart-racing moments that will have you questioning your own reactions if this was happening to you. I mean, once you’ve read the book, come back and tell me, who is really to blame here?

^^ Equally brilliant (and I am sorry if I sound too gushy) is the ending, which was just as it should be. Shocking, depressing with a hint of ‘yeah, go girl!’ Once you’ve read the book, you’ll know what I mean about this plot trend (it’s like a misshapen form of ‘girl power’ and I think this is why it works).

^^ Mary Torjussen makes writing a book appear so easy; evidence of her great writing skills.

^^ Gone Without A Trace, is an easy, yet complex, exciting book to read, and one I will not forget in a hurry.

^^ Although this is in a very similar style of many other ‘Luckiest Girl Alive/Girl on a Train/Gone Girl’ from-bad-to-worse-twisted-girl-plots of which I have read many and loved, this is equally good and one I’d put up in the bestsellers list for 2017. I can already see the film version in my mind and eagerly anticipate its arrival on screen. This is was drama is all about.

Best book I’ve read lately. It’s so fast-paced, tense, and intriguing, I felt totally worn out by the time I finished reading (which was in about 2 days) and cannot wait to read more of Mary Torjussen’s work. This was one emotional journey. What’s next?

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