REVIEW: Gone Baby Gone ~ Miramax Films ~ Fiction/Crime DVD

Gone Baby Gone ~ Miramax Films ~ Fiction/Crime
Title: Gone Baby Gone
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Producer: Alan Ladd, Jr., Dan Rissner, Sean Bailey
Genre: Fiction/Crime
Publication date: February 12, 2008
Length: 114 minutes
Format: DVD

Gone Baby Gone is based on a novel by the author of Mystic River. The screenplay is written by Ben Affleck and Aaron Stockard. Ben Affleck debuts as its director. Actors include Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris, Michelle Monaghan and Casey Affleck among other notable ones. Put out by Miramax Films.

When a little girl disappears, two private detectives (Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan) who specialize in finding lost children are hired by the grandmother (Amy Madigan) to help find the child. The detectives work closely with the police seeking anyone who may have been involved. Tempers rise, frustrations mount, and the stress of the hunt threaten lives and sanity of those involved. The mother of the little girl (Amy Ryan) acts like one who has something to hide, causing the police to lose patience with her. Her emotional state is not what you would assume it should be in this type situation, but your emotional state will be stretched to its limits as your nerves tighten by the minute. No one seems to hold much hope of finding the little girl alive after three days of absence, yet, you never lose hope.

What works? Any time Morgan Freeman or Ed Harris is in the character line-up, you know the movie is going to be good. Morgan Freeman is one of the greats. I remember Ed Harris best in The Abyss, but he’s made many good movies besides. Ben Affleck’s name has grown popular as well. Ben Affleck has written other screenplays and has even won an Academy Award back in 1997 for one. Casey Affleck is a ‘rising star’. I wonder if Casey is Ben’s son? [smile]

What doesn’t work? I can’t think of a single thing I would change about the movie. The story is well plotted, with surprising twists and turns that keep you guessing at the ending.

My type of story, folks. I heartily recommend this movie to everyone although children under 17 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian because of the violence and profane language.

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