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Give Me the ChildGive Me the Child by Mel McGrath

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This is how I felt reading this!

This is how I felt reading this!

What if you’ve just allowed a deeply disturbed girl into your house and given her unsupervised access to your own daughter? Should you be scared? I would be!

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I’m reviewing Give Me the Child by Mel McGrath. This is a Vine Customer Review of Free Product. Here are my thoughts:

^^ Imagine, you desperately want another child with your husband, and then one turns up on your doorstep claiming to be the product of your husband’s extra-marital fling. How angry would you be? Could you see past the deceit and accept the girl as one of your own? Especially, when you already have a child of your own together.

^^ This is exactly what happens with Mel McGrath’s main protagonist, Dr Cat Lupo. One minute her life with her husband, Tom, and daughter, Freya, is fine, the next the police are knocking on their door at night introducing them to her husband’s OTHER daughter by ANOTHER woman, that neither of them knew existed. Until now. 51IMHkwHGnL

^^ And as if that wasn’t enough to take on board, the police ask you to take the girl in, as she has nowhere else to go. Being a decent person, and a doctor of callous and unemotional psychopathy, she’s a professional trained to understand children in need of help, and although seething inside, she could not just turn her away. How bad would that look? After all, it’s not her the little girl, Ruby Winter’s fault, is it? The kids should never be blamed for the actions of the parents, right?

^^ From Cat’s 1st person point of view we get to hear how she is affected by this new life-changing situation. At first she covers up her feelings well, sometimes too well, however, I tend to go with the idea she is trying to maintain a professional air, stay composed and not get panicky. She has had a few psychological issues herself, and doesn’t want to look like she can’t cope– again.

^^ However,as time goes on, there is only so much she can take because the little girl, Ruby, turns out to be a nasty piece of work, treating both Cat, and her daughter, Freya, awfully; playing them sneakily against each other, causing friction among the whole household. It’s not long before Tom is siding with Ruby because of the way Ruby has made it look like Cat and Freya cannot accept her in their house. And frustratingly, nothing Cat can say will convince Tom otherwise. At first I thought this a little bit unreasonable of him, as a character, but then, he has a lot of pressure going on in his life. As far as he is concerned, his wife is looking a little unstable. Even her sister thinks the same. From his point of view, his daughter needs him. Unlike Freya, Ruby doen’t have anyone else. What’s he to do if his own family are not accepting her?

Overall: This is one fast-paced, domestic psychological thriller, which I could not put down. I found it to be an exciting, tense read from start to finish. What I love is how the author kept me guessing throughout. Is the child really that bad, or is Cat suffering from stress, she has an awful lot going on in her life at the same time. This story could have gone in so many ways, and I loved how, along with Ruby, came a lot more trouble than the kind doctor, Cat and her family had bargained for. So many secrets. So much drama. So many lies. What a remarkable read!

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