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Title: Girl of My Dreams
Author: Morgan Mandel
Website of Author:
Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: January 1, 2008
ISBN: Print 978-0-7599-4701-6;
Ebook 978-0-7599-4700-9
Length: 276 pages
Format: eBook, Print

Girl of My Dreams is a reality TV show, and Jillian Baker has just been asked to find a stand-in for one of the contestants. Her employer expects her to take to the streets to locate a contestant, but Jillian, who is employed by an outside agency, feels she could do the job better herself. This book gets off to a roaring start as Jillian is thrown on stage in front of cameras, with thousands of people soon to see her—and minus the thick-lensed spectacles she needs to see. She is also panicking at her own audacity in disobeying Blake Caldwell, in order to fill in for Number Twenty-five. Disobedience will surely cost her her job and she will never see Blake again. During these few short months, she has fallen in love with the man—her producer, of all things! Now, she will no longer be able to work alongside him, no longer be able to insure minute obstacles are smoothed out, no longer be able to help him make the show a success.

To her surprise, Jillian—now going under her birth name Veronica—finds herself chosen as one of the top ten beauties by millionaire Troy Langley, and must stay in the show until the Girl of My Dreams is chosen. From Hawaii to Las Vegas to Venice to France, Jillian ends up the chosen Girl of My Dreams for Troy Langley, but what of Blake Caldwell? What will her future hold? You must read the book to find out.

Girl of My Dreams is a superbly written story of true love—the kind of love that causes a woman to save herself for the right man. The story moves your emotions from calm to excitement to joy to happiness. Yes, a little fear shows its ugly face in there as well. A good, fast read brought to a satisfying end. A story that takes you into the heart of a woman’s dreams of being in a beauty contest, desired by a rich handsome man, and admired by many fans. A dream-come-true for Jillian Baker. You need to read this book, ladies. Experience the dream.

About the Author: Morgan writes romances and mysteries while commuting on the train to her day job as an administrative assistant in Chicago’s Loop. She and her husband live in a suburb of Chicago with their dog, Rascal, who lives up to her name.

Morgan Mandel’s favorite childhood story was “Cinderella”. That fascination carried with her to adulthood when she decided to create her own version in her recently released romantic comedy, Girl of My Dreams. Her debut novel, the romantic suspense, Two Wrongs, a tale of vengeance and the healing power of love set in Chicago, is also still available.

Morgan is a past president of the Chicago-North Chapter of Romance Writers of America, serves as Library Liaison for Mystery Writers of America, belongs to Sisters in Crime and EPIC. Prior to being published in book form, she freelanced for the Daily Herald newspaper.

She’s a great fan of country music, participates in local festivals, enjoys arts and craft shows and has a weakness for slot machines, which explains why she only goes to the casino when on vacation.

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