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Title: Getting Naked at the Hilton
Author: Dee Dawning
Website of Author:
Publisher: Extasy Books
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Erotic Romance /Comedy
Publication date: February 15 2008
Rating: Spicy
ISBN: 978-1-55487-00606
Length: 62,178 words
Format: e-book

This is an interesting scenario, and a wonderfully playful romance.

Carol had stood Scott Rader up and just as he was fuming at being
stood up at the bar they were supposed to meet, he was treated to the lovely form of Rachel Cooke. He was immediately hooked and forgot all about Carol. After taking her dancing he wanted to get to know her more and she didn’ believe that was all he was after. When he said

“if you were sitting here naked, right in from of me, I wouldn’t lay a hand on you. We would just talk. I swear.”

She was determined to test the strength of those words, and his character.

Rachel Cooke had been dumped recently because of her mixed heritage and she wasn’t about to jump in the sack with someone who’d hurt her again. She needed some answers before she took the next step, so Scott’s offer to just talk was right up her alley. The idea of getting naked together and keeping hands off was interesting and would prove something to both of them. Her room at the Hilton would do just fine.

This book starts out fast and never lets you down. It is a fast paced yet humorously intense romance. The story line is full of twists as the ex-boyfriend/manager, her music partner, and uncle get involved in the budding relationship. To save her from her ex/manager Scott must work fast and strike some deals from friends in the hotel business to further her career and keep her from leaving Vegas. As love blooms they can’t get enough of each other. The sex is great, the passion is real and the emotions are out front for each to see.

About the Author:
I have been writing seriously for about thirty months. Prior to that I posted reviews on music, books, movies, cars and assorted other things on some websites. These reviews now total over five hundred reviews.

About March of 2005, I had an idea for a novel and began writing. By October of 2005, I finished my book and titled it ‘The Right Hand of Allah.’

Meanwhile, I had an idea for another novel and began writing immediately. I finished ‘Fortune Cookies,’ an erotic chick-lit story, in July, but I kept tinkering with it until September. eXtasy Books published, ‘Fortune Cookies’ starting December 7th, 2006. A new book, Legs,had been released on Amira Press in June 2007.

Published history:

The Right Hand of Allah. – Booksurge (POD) January 11, 2007
Fortune Cookies – Extasy Books, December 7, 2006
Bananaz (Short Story) Sex and Seduction – Xcite Books April 15, 2007
The Sex Therapist (Short Story) Five Minute Fantasies III – Xcite
Books May 15, 2007
LEGS – Amira Press, June 15, 2007 (rights reverted back to the author
on Nov, 4th)
My fourth novel, ‘Getting Naked at the Hilton,’ will be released on 15th February, 2008!
Forbidden Passion’ a novelette, was released by Dark Eden Press on July, 27th
A thirty-three thousand word novella, Love and Seduction in Las Vegas by Book Strand Publishing and will be released in August 2008 Currently submitted with publishers is a short story, entitled ‘Gizmo,’ and a saucy novelette, called ‘By the Book.’

I continue to write. I am currently working a sequel to the highly acclaimed LEGS. Other WIP include a paranormal called ‘Hollywood Witches,’ a sequel to ‘The Right Hand of Allah,’ entitled ‘A Woman of Valor,’ a historical novel on the fabled Carthaginian general, Hannibal, a sequel to ‘Fortune Cookies,’ entitled The Fellowship of Eros and a screenplay to Fortune Cookies.

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