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Title: Getting Clear
Author: Clayton Clifford Bye
Author Website:
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN -13: 0-9739933-2-4
Length: 84 pages in the PDF version
Format: Paperback / eBook / PDF / Mobipocket / Kindle

Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

“Clear: Free from anything that dims or darkens; bright; unclouded.”

Clayton Bye shares how he learned to free himself of unwanted and negative emotions. We are creatures of habit leading our lives more from an emotional standpoint than a logical one. As a result our thoughts sometimes bury us under guilt and other negative feelings brought upon us by the idea that we have either failed in what we want to accomplish or we don’t measure up to someone else’s expectations. As with others urging us to take control of our emotions, Clayton Bye gives us four steps we should work through: (1)become aware of the emotions you experience and determine which you want to feel all the time, (2)get into action that will allow you to feel those you desire, (3)analyze where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going,  and (4)learn to change your approach if your original plan doesn’t work. But Clayton Bye doesn’t just give the four steps and turn you loose to find your own way. He follows with guidance through explanations of what is involved in each step and offers encouragement through examples in his own struggles to get clear.

A lot of people have taken up the mantra that we are in control of our own emotions and therefore should order them the way we need to and gain happiness, success, and so forth. Change of this sort isn’t easy and no matter what approach is adopted we can expect to work hard to accomplish what we set out to do in the area concerning our emotions as in the other areas in our lives. What I especially like about Clayton Bye’s approach is that he explains and gives good examples which not only shows us how we can make these changes but also encourages us in the process. This is a book well worth having in your library.

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Author Bio:
Clayton Bye, under the imprint Chase Enterprises, has been writing and publishing since 1994. The author of several books, as well as internet short stories, poems, articles and reviews, he’s also an editor and small business management consultant.

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