REVIEW: Gabriel’s Horn, Gabriel’s Ride 1 by Tess MacKall from Dark Eden Press

Title: Gabriel’s Horn, Gabriel’s Ride 1
Author:Tess MacKall
Website of Author:
Publisher: Dark Eden Press
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Comtemporary
Publication date: Dec. 1, 2007
Rating: Erotic
ISBN: Unasigned
Length: 7,400 words
Format: PDF

Raquel was sure her husband was cheating on her. They had signed a prenuptial agreement that stated she would have to catch him with his pants down or he would get half of her fortune. She was on the hunt for evidence. She followed Justin to the most expensive hotel in the area and of course he took the woman to the penthouse. After catching him in the act she decided to get a drink and saw a gorgeous man
enter. Ready and willing for some celebratory action Raquel knew what she wanted and didn’t hold back.

What a way to get even. The action is graphic and intense. Will she find more than a one night of satisfaction or will there be more to their immediate attraction? This is a great short story that leaves the reader wanting more.

About the Author:

Born and raised in the South, Tess loves all things Southern and writes sultry stories with heat to rival a hot Carolina night. With a background in journalism, she began her writing career with a local newspaper then moved on to her greatest passion–politics. Her flare for marketing led her to work in various political campaigns across the South and honed her skills as a speechwriter. Leaving the political arena, she returned to her beloved hometown to raise her family and to finally live her dream of writing romance. Her three children are her greatest joy and when she passes on from this life to the next, she wants a diamond created from her ashes for each of them because love lives on.

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