REVIEW: Flood by Anna Clare ~ Virgin Black Lace

Title: Flood
Author: Anna Clare
Publisher: Virgin/Black Lace
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Erotica/Shapeshifter
Publication date: May 2007
ISBN: 0352340940
Format: Print

Working for Louisa LeClerk, a high class madam, is something a simple clockmakers daughter would never have envisioned for herself. Yet, Phoebe Flood, takes on her new role as her maid, with startling ease and awakens a sexual hunger she never knew existed. In fact, she can’t keep her paws off luscious Louisa. Under the light of the full moon, however, strange feelings overwhelm Phoebe; packs of clawing lupines invade her dreams, stories of wolves roaming the streets at night make her restless and threaten to disturb her sanity.

Meanwhile, Louisa is keen to train her maid the only way she knows how, via the forbidden jewel between her legs, but inquisitive Phoebe soon realises there must be more to life than the city of London can offer. This is 1877 after all, and time is ticking by. Although happy with Louise, Phoebe cannot quench her insatiable hunger for something more. If only she knew what ‘more’ was.

It’s not until Phoebe encounters Garou, the boy who was raised by wolves, that she truly realises the impact of their fate. The answers that reside within the local stories of the flood of London and the bright full moon claw their way to the surface with a brutish force. With the assistance of Garou’s feral instincts, and her newfound lust for life, Phoebe becomes a changed woman, in more ways than one, but what will become of such a modern Victorian lady?

Anna Clare evidently researched the Victorian setting, and knows how to write stimulating erotica, which is why Flood is an excellent read, but with one tiny whinge. I so wished I’d met the famous Garou earlier on in the book, as I thoroughly enjoyed reading about his adventures and sexual experiments.

I loved Phoebe’s enlightening relationship with Louisa, and found it easy to imagine I was there amidst the numerous sexual encounters and Phoebe’s quest for carnal knowledge. In my opinion, this paved the way for her first meeting with the handsome and well-hung Garou. All the sensual tension that needed release came to a rewarding peak as the last page was turned. And the pinnacle of the book was terrific too!

I am so pleased Black Lace bought out these paranormal titles. I’m already slavering at the thought of reading the next one. How much erotica can one woman take? Plenty, if your name is Phoebe, or Angelika.

Angelika Devlyn

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