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Fallen Angel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Reviewed by Sassy Brit
Sister Cate Carter always ran ward 73 like clockwork, but when patients start dying around her and DS Charlie Hammond and his squad practically move into Westwood General hospital, her strictly run world starts to crumble and fall. To cap it all, the very staff that care for her patients are all under suspicion. Including Cate.
During this stressful investigation, DS Charlie Hammond is dealing with his own monsters and finds himself drawn to Cate. Is he just trying to fill an empty void after the loss of his wife and just feeling sorry for Cate and what she is going through? Or could he actually be falling in love – a dangerous thing to do as she is also a suspect?
Maggie Wilson has written a fun and realistic medical thriller and as a retired nurse, she writes with authority on her subject without blinding us with medical science. In it, Cate is portrayed as a strong independent woman who still has to act in control for the sake of her staff, when inside her world is falling apart. Furthermore, while DS Charlie Hammond struggles to discover who the murderer is, this reader couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, and his flawed, sometimes over arrogant way of dealing with his emotions. With one shocking twist at the end of the story, readers are sure to be surprised and pleased to be privy to the exciting finale, which left me wanting more! An enjoyable, twisty journey through the medical world pushed to its limits.


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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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