REVIEW: Fairie Bound | Jenna Castille | Ellora’s Cave | Reviewed by Elizabeth Coldwell

Faerie Bound
Author: Jenna Castille
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 978-1-41993-084-3
Genre: Paranormal, erotica, m/m, BDSM
Format: ebook
Length: 120 pages
Reviewer: Elizabeth Coldwell
Garrick is the Alpha of the Las Vegas Lupin Pack, the most powerful group of wolf shifters to survive the Paranormal Wars. It’s a role that doesn’t sit easily with his overwhelming need to be submissive to a strong, experienced master, as he knows there are plenty in the pack willing to challenge his position as leader if they suspect a weakness in him. In desperation, he turns to the Divine Intervention matchmaking agency, set up to pair paranormals with their perfect lover. But the ideal man for Garrick isn’t anything like he’s expecting. Faolan is deliciously dominant, all right, with enough piercings and tattoos to make him stand out from the crowd, but he’s a fairie – the sworn enemy of the shifters, even if he has been in exile since his refusal to fight in the war. How will the two men reconcile their inherent differences once it becomes clear Faolan is Garrick’s intended mate, and how will the rest of the wolf pack when this unlikely coupling comes out in the open?
Faerie Bound is the second in the Matched By Magic series, which revolves around various couples brought together by Divine Intervention. It can be read on its own, though it would be nice to have more background information on the Paranormal Wars woven in the storyline, to help provide some context for newcomers.
At first, it seems as though Jenna Castille may be trying to bring together too many genres in one novel. Shifters and fairies and m/m and hot BDSM interaction? There’s also the potential for Garrick to become just another clichéd alpha male with hidden submissive tendencies who needs to be brought down and controlled. But the relationship between Garrick and Faolan is sympathetically portrayed, as Garrick struggles to balance his duties to his pack and his mate, while Faolan is capricious but good-hearted, in contrast to his evil mother, the Fairie Queen, and her wicked court. Lovers of slave training and collaring scenarios will find much to enjoy here, as Garrick is taught to tame his inner wolf and obey Faolan’s every command, and Ms Castille conjures up a genuine heat between master and sub. There’s more than enough potential to weave these two characters into a sequel, or build a spin-off story around Faolan’s best friend, Aindreas, who’s that rare character in BDSM fiction, a switch – unless Divine Intervention have other customers to match first, of course…

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