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Essential Winetasting: The Complete Practical Winetasting Course
by Michael SchusterEssential Winetasting: The Complete Practical Winetasting Course
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This is a review of a free book I received via the Amazon Vine Programme.

I am reviewing Essential Winetasting: The Complete Practical Winetasting Course by Michael Schuster. Here are my thoughts:

^^ This book is split up into four main parts –
1) Before the Bottle – is about the actual wine tasting, how grapes are grown, made and how to access them.
2) In the Bottle – talks about the wines of the world, based on grape variety.
3) In the Glass – is a DIY wine tasting course based on the author’s own course
4) Reference – consists of maps, country stats and a tasting-terms glossary.

^^ This is full to the brim with colour photos and packed with interesting information about different types of wine, where they come from and how to taste them correctly.

^^ Whatever type of wine you like, I’m sure you’ll find something in here to suit you. Whether seasoned winetaster or a beginner.

^^ This is also an updated, expanded edition.

Overall: A practical and comprehensive guide to Essential Winetasting. Although not pocket-sized, (it’s actually A4 sized) I’ve carried this around a fair bit and it’s been well thumbed a had lots of wine spilt over it. Everyone finds it fascinating and mostly flick through to find something interesting. Would make a good coffee table book, or a great gift for a wine drinking friend.

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