REVIEW: Enthralled ~ Lance Porter ~ Virgin (Nexus Enthusiast)


Title: Enthralled
Author: Lance Porter
Publisher: Virgin Books (Nexus Enthusiast)
ISBN-10: 0352341084
ISBN-13: 978-0352341082
Publish Date: May 2007
Length: 256 pages
Format: Print

From shag – pile, to doormat

Bachelor Matthew Crawley, a self-confessed voyeur of tasty butts, sees gorgeous women everywhere, but are there any up for grabs? Yes, if he considers dating his available but plain assistant Kim, and can see past her sensible shoes and tweed skirt, which are hardly cock stiffening material. But beggers can’t be choosers. Or can they? When the perfect woman of his dreams, Jasmine Del Ray, enters his life, he can’t beg enough.

Ms Del Ray, a dominatrix with a distinctive cruel and sadistic manner always manages to keep Matt at arms length using humiliation and his unconditional puppy love as her not-so-secret weapon. Nothing he does is ever good enough, however, this doesn’t stop him from trying. Isn’t that always the way? The moment you can’t have something, the unobtainable becomes a lip-smacking challenge? I should know.

In fact, so besotted is he that he’ll submit psychically and mentally to any of her requests to keep her in his life, despite knowing this strong, no-nonsense Domme is only happy when walking all over him, literally at times.

She cannot be easily won over. He cannot simply give up. Could this possibly be the making of the perfect couple? It doesn’t take long for Matt to submit to Ms Del Ray’s every wicked whim, and the rewards are almost within his grasp. If only he could get his face out of the dirt, he might be able to see them.

Enforced passivity from a male point of view made a refreshing change for this reviewer. I don’t want to sound too surprised but I found Lance Porter’s Entrhralled an enticing, playful work of art, and Matt actually had me feeling quite sorry for him. The amount torture he would put up with to fulfill his inherent need to serve, whatever the cost, was excruciating at times, but in a good way!

What this man goes through to prove his puppy like devotion, some people would not wish on their dog. On the other end of the whip though, the kinkier pets of this world would not only want to be that dog but be kept on a short leash, too. This is a superb, sexy story of total female domination, which had me both cringing and laughing at the same time. Alongside interesting characters, pleasant (and sometimes not so pleasant) surprises kept Matt on his toes, and me rooting for him. All Matt wanted a shag-pile, but when he got a taste of being a doormat, he was in his element. He’s a true servant of love, in every sense, but is chocolate chip always better than vanilla in the icy reality of life? Only Matt can decide which flavour he prefers, and hey, what’s a little freezer burn among friends? You got to take the rough with the smooth, right?

Reviewer: Angelika Devlyn

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Author: Angelika Devlyn

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