REVIEW: DVD: GV6 The Odyssey: Poets, Passion and Poetry by 31 Contemporary Poets


Title: GV6 The Odyssey: Poets, Passion and Poetry
Features: 31 Contemporary Poets

Producer: Bryan World Productions, LLC.
Genre: Poetry/Documentary

Publication date: 2006
Length: 72 minutes
Format: DVD

An innovative, energetic approach to poetry.

Talented director, Bob Bryan, has in my opinion successfully encapsulated the expertise of thirty-one award winning contemporary poets, whom expose their heart and soul in this exceptional DVD. GV6 The Odyssey; Poets, Passion and Poetry is a lyrical treat for both the eyes and ears. I guarantee it won’t fail to uplift and encourage you to put your own poetic imaginative thoughts down on paper. And if you don’t know how to start what better place than here.

Suitable for students, established poets or those who are just curious, this is an inspiring documentary. It’s fun enough to be entertaining and informative enough to educate. These talented poets offer excerpts of their work, and insights into their personal life, which cover a variety of topics. These include their reasons for writing, the force that drives them, their love of language and freedom of expression. As they share their artistic struggles, frustrations, the discipline required and even the stigma that comes with being a poet, this reviewer sensed their collective creativity and honesty just leap from the screen!

I found this DVD akin to a feel good movie, even though it was a documentary it had a celebratory, yet down to earth feel. These multi-ethnic characters all have diverse backgrounds but share one common goal – to express themselves with a passion and excitement. And it’s catching. To be honest, I never thought a documentary on poetry could be so visually pleasing and stimulating.

Special features include ‘What is Contextual Poetry?’ by Dr. Thea Iberall, Poet, ‘What is a chapbook?’ by Brendan Constantine, Poet and also the contact information for all 31 published and respected poets. Please take a moment to click on the link below to read about each author.

Link to poet bios:

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