REVIEW: Dragon Rampage: The Dragon Thing to Do ~ Susie Hawes ~ A Renaissance E Books publication~ Fantasy/Humour

Title: Dragon Rampage
Author: Susie Hawes
Website of Author:
Publisher: A Renaissance E Books publication
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Fantasy/Humour
Publication Date: May 2007
Length: 116 pages
Format: eBook

It was a time when dragons, humans and elves attempted to live as equals with each inhabiting their allotted territories. When a human Park Ranger disappears, Farquarte, a young dragon, introduced as a human in Susie Hawes’ Dragon Creed (Book #1 of The Dragon Thing To Do Series) is accused of murder. The young dragon had eaten only cattle, yet he ended up arrested to suffer the humiliation of a court trial. Farquarte is like a magnet where trouble is concerned and he faced much before the situation improved.

The story’s opening hooks the reader immediately by plunging him/her into a courtroom drama. Dragons, elves, and other beings change into human form hoping to co-exist with humans. The story takes on the flavor of an analogy as the story unfolds and paints a picture of today’s world in which so many races are trying to co-exist in many nations. Cultural problems, laws, and other matters differ widely between the beings of this imagined era as they differ between the races of our world. Let us not forget to mention the story is full of humor. Well-plotted, well-characterized, Dragon Rampage is one book to put on your list of reads.

Susie Hawes’ The Dragon Thing To Do Series is a must-read for anyone who loves fantasy, magic, elves, dragons and other magical creatures. Book #1 is Dragon Creed,

#2 – Dragon Insurrection, #3 – Dragon at Law and #4 – Dragon Rampage, which this review is about. Book 5 – Damned Dragon (as yet to come out.). Find them all at where they won’t cost an arm and a leg to purchase. All four novels trace Fraquarte’s life from a human to a dragon. These books are not available in print at present.

I liked the story because it gives me a look into a fantastic tale of dragons and elves. There is something truly magical about dragons and elves. Farquarte reminds me of Drago in Dragonheart, a video distributed by Universal Studios and one in which Sean Connery made me fall in love with a wise dragon. I’ve been crazy about dragons ever since.


Trapped in the moody Texas weather, this disabled mom squeezes out a few hours each day to write. Her husband and children are patient, her housework is neglected and her dog is not speaking to her.

Her fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and e zines, including Whispering Spirits ezine, Darkfire Fiction ezine, Worlds of Wonders ezine, Twilight Times, Runes E zine, Neo-Opsis, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (issues # 14 and 18) and Quietus Magazine.

She has articles, book reviews and author interviews published or about to be published in,, Bewildering Stories, Surreal Magazine, Whispering Spirits ezine, Worlds of Wonder ezine, The Sword Review and Darkfire Fiction ezine, Neo-Opsis, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Whispering Spirits, and Surreal Magazine.

Susie has stories in the anthologies”Flashspec vol.2″ by Equilibrium Press, and “The Shadowbox Anthology”, by Shadowed Realms ezine out of Australia. She has a story in the anthologies “Things Are Not What They Seem” and in the Authors by Design anthology, yet to be named.

She was September’s featured author for Writers 4 Writers in 2006, and the featured author at for June, 2007.

Janrae Frank writes, Susie Hawes’ work offers “a very fine reading experience that isn’t often found in contemporary fiction. She captures a quality I thought lost with the Golden Age.”

Susie’s Livejournal page also contains a wealth of
information and is updated regularly.

She is also a long time friend and contributor to She has short stories featured and can be found as Ghostposts throughout the forums. There is a special thread dedicated to Susie. Susie’s most accomplished work is her series of highly credited “The Dragon Thing To Do”. Dragon Creed made #1 in fantasy downloads
at fictionwise.

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