REVIEW: Double or Nothing by Cassandra Gold from Dark Eden Press

Title: Double or Nothing
Author: Cassandra Gold
Website of Author:
Publisher: Dark Eden Press
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Gay
Publication date: January 2008
Rating: Carnal
ISBN: Unassigned
Length: Word Count- 16,000
Format: e-book

Darren Turner, owner of the Diamond Casino, is a man with little faith left in people “staying”. So how does he deal with the bet for his heart laid out by the ex-lover wanting a second chance? One that could either bring great happiness or shred his soul.

Joey Randall / Noah Raines: two completely different people, yet each is a part of the same man. Joey the boy who did whatever he had to to survive on the streets while Noah is the child who remembers a mother’s love, and being wanted. Both parts frightened to trust they are truly worthy. It is “they” who propose the wager.

Double or nothing is the only way Joey / Noah feels Darren might give him a chance to share enough of himself to make Darren understand his fear and cowardice of the past. How else to show why he’s afraid to believe, to love, or to live? Darren accepts thinking it’ll be easy to win and get rid of the man who’d already broken his heart once. This is a tale of ” love finds a way ” with very tastefully erotic sex scenes, but I felt the emphasis was upon the emotions making this a memorable read. A great read.

About the Author:

By day, Cassandra is a (relatively) mild-mannered middle school teacher. At night, she lets the characters in her head out to play as she writes erotic romance. When not writing, she can generally be found reading or spending way too much time online. Unfortunately for her husband, neither of Cassandra’s personas enjoys doing housework.

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