REVIEW: Dexim DCA103B Blue Pack Backup Battery for iPhone and iPod Dexim DCA103B Blue Pack Backup Battery for iPhone and iPod


No bigger than the average mobile phone, the Dexim BluePack S3 is an ingenious little device, which can be charged up via a dual USB charge cable connected to a power adapter that goes into a wall socket. You can even charge it up by inserting both the USB cables into your computer. It works on my Mac, too, as you would expect since it is compatible with iphones and ipods. There is a battery capacity LED indicator, which flashes blue when charging, and stops flashing, but stays lit up when fully charged. The pack also uses Smart technology to prevent it from over charging. In addition, it has a switch button to check the available battery power level.

Once charged it can be connected to your iphone, ipod (Nano, Classic, touch, 5th generation), BlackBerry and even T-Mbile G1/HTC phones to gain up to 10 hours extra talk time, 12 hours video playing time or 72 hours music playing time. What’s more is that you can charge the BluePack at the same time as your iPhone/ipod/BlackBerry etc using the cables of which are all provided.

There is even a handy little built in torch, and a travel bag for it all. I tested this out on my ipod via the wall socket and my Mac, and I was surprised at the easiness of it all. I fully recommend it as a useful product, which comes complete with all the right cables and therefore ready to use as soon as you receive it. Think of how useful this is when you are out and about with no power supply, but a fully charged BluePack. If you love gadgets you’ll love this Smart little fella. What the torch is for, I am unsure, but I love it anyway!

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