REVIEW: Del Fantasma: Texas Tea by Maura Anderson from Aspen Mountain Press

Title: Del Fantasma: Texas Tea
Author: Maura Anderson
Website of Author:
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Paranormal
Publication date: August 2007
Rating: Erotic
ISBN: 978-1-60168-052-5
Length: Novella
Format: e-book
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Lara Saunders has spent three years keeping a promise to a lighthouse ghost who saved her life. But then seeing ghosts is something she does on a daily basis. Old Point Loma Lighthouse is her last stop and it seems to have brought her the possibility of someone who won’t shun her when he learns her secret.

Matthew Martinez is an ex-military, half Apache, shape-shifting park ranger who can travel the night as Coyote. Preferring to live quietly away from people, he’s astounded and confused when Coyote becomes possessive of Lara; until he remembers Mate and how lucky he is to have found his. He just has to convince her of that.

Can two people who both share “otherworldly” traits trust each other enough to share their secrets and take a chance? They can if their others have anything to do with it. Love is nothing without trust, but when you’ve been rejected before… This is a story with all the elements; distrust, fear, lust turning to trust, love and acceptance, good sex scenes and fully rounded characters. Great fun to read.

About the Author:

I live in a wonderful rural community outside of Seattle, Washington with my amazing husband, Chuck, and our son Morgan. I also have an adult son, Jonathan, who is in college and not living at home (but is thankfully close enough to visit). We share our home with 7 indoor cats and an African Grey parrot as well as our backyard with a feral cat colony that we care for.

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1 thought on “REVIEW: Del Fantasma: Texas Tea by Maura Anderson from Aspen Mountain Press

  1. Thank you for the great review!I’m so glad you enjoyed Texas Tea. In a few months you’ll be able to revisit Matt & Lara and meet a new coyote shifter in my upcoming book “Del Fantasma: Menage a Trois” – cowritten with the wonderful Jade Buchanan!

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