REVIEW: Del Fantasma: Screaming Orgasm by Michelle Hasker from Aspen Mountain Press

Title: Del Fantasma: Screaming Orgasm
Author: Michelle Hasker
Website of Author:
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Publication date: October 2007
Rating: Erotic w BDSM elements
ISBN: 978-1-60168-066-2
Length: 69 pages
Format: e-book

Tara is a psi-vamp; a feeder on the essence of beings, it is easy to
kill if one is not careful. Frightened because she’s accidentally
killed once she won’t allow anyone close emotionally. Feeding off the crowds when she sings is her safety net, but now she has a regular vamp wanting to use her; for her powers?

Brandon is a shifter; a beautiful black jaguar who’s in love with Tara and trying to figure out how to get her to accept an Alpha. He knows nothing of her powers and cares less when he finds out, but it’s a hard row to hoe for a man who loves and simply wants love in return.

Screaming Orgasm: the name alone conjures images by the dozens and the story doesn’t disappoint either. I found his manner of discovering and ridding Tara of her very real fear of destroying those she loves unique. The BDSM elements are not fearsome, but that single, itty bitty nibble – nope, not going to spoil one of the best, twisted endings I’ve read!

About the Author:

Michelle Hasker has been writing for four years. While there are ups and downs, she is much happier writing than not. On a normal day you can find her glued to the laptop in between pretending to clean and taking care of her four children and assorted pets.

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