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Title: Deep Dish

Author: Marc Harshbarger

Website of Author:

Publisher: Marc Harshbarger Publishing

Genre: Gay Literature

Publication date: 2007

ISBN 13 : 978-0-6151-4933-2

Length : 275 pages

Format: ebook

Naughty Daytime Drama even at night.

There is a lot going and coming in deep dish. Chandler seem to be the star of the show but is invariably out of it for most of story. Forty-one different characters, some going by multiple names all go wild and crazy in a matter of a few days. The story line is so interwoven it is impossible to adequately relate it in a few short lines. The prominent story is of a wedding.

Helen Davenport, daughter of Abra and Del Davenport is engaged to Howard Haze, son of Charlie and Charlotte Haze. The story begins shortly before the wedding as each has a case of cold feet, well not really. Each actually has to come to grips with begin homosexual and in love with someone else. Chandler happens to be Howard’s brother, and everyone is in love with him.

Helen has quite a mixed family since her current step-father is her mother’s third husband. Her step-sister Delia, and twin brothers, Cary and Grant, and step-brother Dexter all have heart break in the matter of a few short days. Intermixed with all these love triangles and broken hearts the neighbourhood doctor dies, a stranger in an apartment dies of a heart attack. Two people wind up in a hospital, a softball game is played with a substitute, many people are running around in the rain looking for love, and the cops are trying to find out if there has been foul play. Of course there has been.

If you can keep track of it all you are better than I. I have not watched daytime drama since the early 80’s when I was a stay at home mom for a while, but this is definitely worth of its own daily soap hour. Non-stop excitement or disappointment, along with the never ending back at the …..(ranch) segues, it is the perfect script for a “Young and Restless” type drama, except not all are young. Maybe it should be “In or out of the Closet and Restless”. Will they all come out, stay in, or live on the edge pretending they are content with the status quo?

The end is a mystery for sure. It is a little hard to follow the story for the first few chapters as so many people are introduced. (Listing the cast before the story begins was a nice touch, however tad little unusual.) Even later there are a few scenes where it is necessary to look back to see what was going on before the last segue. But it defiantly keeps one reading.

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