REVIEW: Declan and Tori: The Hunters 1 by Shiloh Walker from Ellora’s Cave


Title: Declan and Tori: The Hunters 1
Author: Shiloh Walker
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Werewolf/Vampire
Rating: E-rotic
Publication date: 2003 (Whole series reviewed)
ISBN: 1-84360-663-1
Length: Novel
Format: eBook

Could not put it down until the last word, even then it played in my mind over and over.

Tori was just trying to help the young dancer who was scared almost to death. She claimed she was bitten by a vampire, which was impossible, but she definitely needed some place safe for a while. Tori knew she would need help with this one and called Declan, he was the only cop she would trust with such unusual circumstances. He was gone and she was alone, except a voice in her head. It told her to eat garlic, drink acidic juices and warned that after he bit her she should eat and hide.

Declan was a wolf, a natural born shifter, and a cop. He was also a hunter keeping humans safe from rogues of any form. Tori was his mate, he knew it the moment they met. He had been giving her some space for months as he tried to find out why she refused when he could smell her desire when he was around. He had failed her. If he had been in town he could have protected her and now it was too late. As he was attempting to drown his sorrow over a week since her death she stumbled onto his porch and back into his life but not completely human.

A thoroughly hot story. She now craved sex as deeply as he did and almost as much as she craved blood. She certainly was not a normal vampire and he was amazed at her ability since she was so newly turned and starving. The love blooms as he helps her and finds out she had been longing for him as much as he wanted her. The passion is out of this world and keeps the reader hot for more. On a cold winters night this book alone will keep you warm. Hunt with Declan and Tori as they destroy her sire and bond for a lifetime.
Reviewer: Aris

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