REVIEW: Death of a Blues Angel by Sarah Black from Aspen Mountain Press

Title: Death of a Blues Angel
Author: Sarah Black
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Historical M/M, Interracial
Publication date: December 2007
Rating: Graphic M/M scenes, violence, racial prejudice
ISBN: 978-1-60168-079-2
Length: 108 pages
Format: e-book

This book is a fabulous portrait of the 1960’s. As in all portraits it
only captures a few people at a specific time. In this we have three
Delta Blues legends; James Hurt, Blue Otis Johnson and Blind Pete
Watson, playing in a club in DC called the Blues Angel owned by Mrs. Sally-Rose Johnson. They were bringing in a young white man, Rafael Hurt from Mississippi as their partner to give him a chance. Well, actually they were family to him. He grew up with the three old men as his uncles in a fashion, family by choice not by blood.

Deacon Davis is sent by his editor at the Washington Post to cover the story of a white man playing the Blues at the Blue Angel. As a photojournalist it is not really his kind of hard new story, but he didn’t seem to have a choice on this one. When murder occurs the story changes dramatically and Deke is caught up in the kind of investigative action he lives for. However, this action may cost him a relationship that is just about to begin, as he and Rafael hit it off in a big way.

Truth or family, which choice will they make? Deke lives for the truth and Rafe lives for his family. Together they have something special forming, but if Deke has his way the legends will be tarnished and he may loose Rafe. To what lengths will Rafe go to save his family and will he risk loosing Deke? Not only do they have to deal with the murder investigation, but with their budding love. Deke is part black and part Comanche, Rafe is all white, and this was not accepted in the 60’s and neither was two men in love. With all that against them will love win out? This is wonderfully written and draws the reader right into the heart and soul of these people and the time they lived in. It brings out the depth of the Blues.

“The Inside Story” as told by Sassy Brit and her Gang!
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