REVIEW: Dead in Red ~ Lorna Barrett ~ Five Star Publications, Inc. ~ Mystery

Title: Dead in Red
Author: L.L. Bartlett
Website of Author:
Publisher: Five Star Press
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Cosy Mystery/ Suspense
Publication Date: June 18, 2008
ISBN: ISBN-10: 1-59414-640-3;
ISBN 13: 978-1-59414-640-4
Length: 263 pages
Format: Print

Jeff Resnick, mugged with a baseball bat and left for dead, gave up his career as an investigator because of his slight amnesia and his health. Three months after the mugging with boredom staring him down, he was offered a job at the popular The Whole Nine Yards sports bar and he jumped at the chance to get back to work. At the same time, the owner of the bar asked him to look into the murder of the bar owner’s cousin who used to work for him. Jeff agreed, but had to convince his own brother, who’d stopped a bullet directed at Jeff a couple of weeks back, and his brother’s fiancé that he was ready to return to work.

Fighting weakness caused by not being completely healed from the mugging, Jeff sets about to reorient himself into the work world with an eye and ear open to pick up any information possible about the murdered man. Ten to four in the morning he was a barkeeper. From then until the wee hours of the following morning he investigated clues, followed suspects, tried to make everything he learned fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and interacted with his very concerned brother who insisted on accompanying Jeff where ever the clues took them. It wasn’t easy. Questions that kept nagging Jeff–Could he stand the pace of working at the bar? Could he keep his brother from getting hurt, possibly dying because of this investigation? Could he solve the murder before an innocent man was sent to prison? Read the book and see how one man conquered his fears.

As a mystery, Dead in Red reveals the difficulties an investigator has in determining the answers to who and why a murder is committed. Reading the story is like looking in on the daily life of a man torn between the dangerous profession he wants in his life and a caring brother who can’t face the thought of seeing him dead. Jeff’s life and the murder investigation intertwine in a natural progression from start to finish. I found no glitches as I read. It is a satisfying read and a wonderful departure from all the foul language many authors feel they need to make a believable story. For the first writing done about Jeff Resnick, check out Ms. Bartlett’s website.

About the Author:

LL Bartlett is a native of Rochester, NY and a finalist in the St. Martin’s/Malice Domestic contest for best first traditional mystery. She is the author of Murder on the Mind which can be found here:

Her short story sales include Cold Case which features Jeff Resnick. To learn more about Jeff’s world, complete with maps and photos that chronicle his adventures, and to enter contests, visit LL Bartlett’s website.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review. I’d be happy to send you a JPG of the cover for Dead In Red (the one posted is for another book under my other name). Also, the website for my Jeff Resnick series is http://www.LLBartlett.comThank you again for the wondeful review!

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