REVIEW: Dalakis Passion Series by N. J. Walker from Ellora’s Cave

Title: Dalakis Passion Series, Books 1-4
Author: N.J. Walker
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Vampire

The family of Dalakis are three brothers and they carry the family curse. They are vampire, vampire who can shape-shift into wolves. Like all vampires it takes a lot to kill them, sunlight, beheading, or a stake through the heart. However, with the Dalakis love can also kill.

Dalakis are only born male and are cursed to love only once in their very long lives. “Many have given up in despair and faced the killing midday sun rather than live any longer without finding their true love. Others have done the same after being rejected.”

The choice must finally be hers. No Dalakis can take a mate against her will. Also, if she chooses to change into a vampire they will have eternity together, but if not at the end of her life he will join her in death.

The oldest brother is Cristofor Dalakis who lives in Dalakis Castle in Transylvania. In the first book, Harker’s Journey he finally meets his mate Johanna. Lucian Delakis and his brother Stefan lived in New Orleans in neighbouring houses.

In the second book, Lucian’s Delight we witness how Lucian meets Delight Deveraux, and the struggle he has in keeping her safe. She senses a connection even before she believes vampires are real.

The third book tells the tale of Stefan’s Salvation as we see him struggling with the fact that both of his older brothers have found their life mates. He is wonderfully happy for his brothers, but his loneliness is now more oppressive and must get away. Having almost given up hope he hears a name in a crowed bar. The men were plotting against Laurel Rose, planning on running her off her property. Just hearing the name changed something in him, he knew he must seek her out and convince her she did not have to continue to be alone.

An unexpected fourth book, Eternal Brothers is such a treat. We see the family come together as never before to fight for their safety and their secrets. The crime family wants vengeance and a nosy cop is sniffing around. Sam Cassidy takes the job of personal security for the Dalakis brothers and Chase. Delight’s brother from book two is also back in New Orleans for the excitement. The question is who is it that falls in love?

Reviewer: Aris

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