REVIEW: Cut the Cords of Attachment By Rose Rosetree

Title: Cut the Cords of Attachment
Author: Rose Rosetre
Website of Author:
Publisher: Women’s Intuition Worldwide
ISBN: 097525 3824
Genre: Alternative Healing

This book is all about healing yourself and others with energy spiritually. The premise is that a ‘cord of attachment’ is an energy structure between two people that causes patterns from the past to continue into the present.

With this being the case, it makes sense, perfect sense to cut the cords, which releases you from the problems that can appear to be never ending in a relationship. These problems can come in many guises, such as painful memories and negative past influences.

There are 12 steps to Cutting the Cords of Attachment and these can be used on yourself or to heal others. There is also an online supplement to enrich your experience of this book.

During these steps the reader can learn how to do various things from creating a sacred space, activating the aura, choosing which cord to cut, to removing the cord and re-balancing at the end.

Also discussed are the lessons in which the reader of the book can analyze how things went and learn from their experiences. There is homework to help with this, too.

Finally the author takes time review what has been taught and writes an overview of her teachings.

I am sure this book can assist in empowering you to live a fuller life, without the emotional negative bonds and the draining energy found in some relationships, through healing work that is not just spiritual but psychological. Much of what I read is not difficult to understand and made a lot of sense. Throughout the whole book, I got the feeling that Rose is a genuine and considerate woman with a fond keenness in sharing her lessons. She’s bright and cheery and that is positive and encouraging for the reader. Makes learning fun.

Rose Rosetree is the founder of Energy Spirituality. Her acedmic education includes degrees from the United Nations International School and Brandeis University; graduate study in social work and education.

Rose’s How-To books (including a National Bestseller in Germany) are available through her website,


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Cut the Cords of Attachment By Rose Rosetree

  1. Sassy Brit, I just want to thank you for the review. So many authors submit our brain children to you that being selected for one of your reviews is definitely an honor.

    Even, given your appreciative words, an honour. (Obviously, that shift to U.K. spelling is a big deal to an American. You know how we generally go gaga over British accents. Well, I especially love the spelling. 😉 )

    If I might put in a word for my blog, there are many posts there where Alternative-Readers can ask questions about what it means to cut a cord of attachment. And new conversations can definitely be started with a comment, as well.

    That would be at .

    Again, thanks, Sassy One,


  2. You are very welcome, Rose. I’ll pop over to say hello right now.

    By the way, I’m always teasing my American friends about their spelling! 🙂

    Plus, I play on the ways I can use words to ‘gobsmack’ them!

    Now, that’s a nice British slang word. (Although, apparently it originates from Ireland.)

    What must you guys think of those of us who have cockney accents?

    Take care,

    Oh, Sassy One 🙂

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