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iUniverse USA Cover

Author: Devlin O’Neill
Website of Author:
Publisher: iUniverse
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Erotica/Future
Publication date: November 2006
ISBN: 0-595-41594-6
ISBN 13 : 978-0-595-41594-6
Length: 199 pages
Format: Paperback

Chimera UK Cover

Erotic Adventure Of The Highest Order!

After World War III in the not too distant future, the United States has collapsed into individual Republics that are at war with Canada and Mexico. There is also plague, scarcity of resources and a corrupt President to overcome. In the Republic of Ida-Regon, standing tall amongst this ruin and chaos, is legendary Sergeant, formerly Major, Cameron, who is a past Air Corps ace, present chief disciplinarian at a women’s prison, and reluctant hero.

Amid the Republic’s turmoil and confusion Cameron has created his own paradise with the prison’s Inmate Regulation Center, where he enjoys and excels at his work, as unruly women, be they prisoners or guards, come to know the stinging kiss of his paddle or cane. Cameron is ripped from his idyllic situation when his old friend, the President, “volunteers” him to fly a dangerous mission behind enemy lines to save the Republic. Can the President be trusted and is the mission all it seems, or is it intended as a one way trip for Cameron?

‘Corporal Idaho’ is a unique and delightful mixture of futuristic action and adventure, romance and erotica by Devlin O’Neill, who is a master of the spanking genre, especially his classic ‘A Maid For All Seasons’ five volume series.

The author smoothly and effortlessly expands from his known arena and provides the reader with an exciting, entertaining and erotic experience. He vividly paints a harrowing vision of a plague-ravaged, war-torn future while also delivering steamy sex and white hot spankings. He has created characters who are colorful and finely drawn.

O’Neill channels Sam Spade via Humphrey Bogart in giving us the honorable, hard-bitten, tough-as-nails yet caring Sergeant Cameron. One may question the many coincidences towards the end of the story, but if Charles Dickens found it an acceptable literary device then the reader should find it perfectly satisfactory here. For an extremely pleasurable and very gratifying read I highly recommend ‘Corporal Idaho.’

Reviewer: Michael
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