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Close to HomeClose to Home by Cara Hunter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A nail-biting read!

A nail-biting read!

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I’m reviewing Close to Home by Cara Hunter. This is an Vine Customer Review of Free Product. Here are my thoughts:

^^ ‘Close to Home’ is the 1st book in the Oxford detective DI Adam Fawley series by author Cara Hunter.

^^ I have just finished this book, and I read it fast. I found the whole ‘Daisy Mason is missing’ mystery wonderfully intriguing and loved the way it was written. So much information was provided to us, but a lot was held back in the way it was revealed. It’s the sort of book I’d like to go back and read again, knowing how it ends, to see precisely what I was made to think, what actually happened, and how it was conveyed to me by unreliable witnesses. It was as though I was helping DI Adam Fawley with his investigations. Trying to work out who did it, alongside of him.

^^ This story flits between the day of the investigation, past events and eventually leads up to the day of her disappearance. We focus on the parents, Daisy’s brother Leo, and largely on what he social media are saying as everyone gets involved in the hunt for Daisy. Suspicions are flying around all over the place. Help, or hindrance?

^^ My copy was an ARC copy, so I’m not entirely sure it’s the final version, but I really enjoyed how there was actually NOT any separate chapter breaks. It was all a mix of interviews, police reports, newspaper cuttings in different fonts. So each part of the story was told in different formats and had their own natural breaks. In a way, I think this made it an even faster and quite unique read. I do hope the finished product stays the same for you.

Overall: I can definitely recommend this to those of you who like these ‘who did it?’ missing children stories. Do read this when you have the chance. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Catra Hunter writes how a bestseller should read! (That make sense? LOL) It’s clever. Thought-provoking. And quite emotional at times. These characters kept me up all night until I finished. It’s a nail-biting, fun read!

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