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Climbing The Ladder by B.A. Tortuga

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Mesa becomes pack Alpha,but isn’t complete without the mate that left him years ago,so the first order of business becomes finding and returning his mate where he belongs-home with the pack. Life however has no intention of making his mission an easy one and finding Kody means finding the other part of himself as well. Kody was compelled to leave his mate because he knew that things would never be totally square between them as they were,so he followed his heart and found Samantha. When Mesa shows up on their doorstep an already emotional storm becomes a chaotic cluster as they sort through things never experienced by some and only partially understood by the others.

When Samantha finds Kody in a compromising situation,her already stressed emotions boil over into an inferno of conflicting feelings- for as much as she feel betrayed by Kody she’s even more betrayed by her response to the big, growly man who seems to think he can control her.

B.A. Tortuga writes a complicated “tail” where the male doesn’t get it all his way with the female falling at his feet in adoration, and I like that. The characters were fun as well as strong, pulled you into the story and let you enjoy their rather frenetic journey to finding their way to becoming what they’re meant to be. Oh, yeah -the sex is quite as frenetic, stimulating and imaginative as any you could hope for; very vivid word painter is this author. Bravo!

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