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Genre: Menage a Trois/Shapeshifter/Vampire
Reviewer: WitchGiggles
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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It sucks being a vampire who wants something she’s afraid of; the simple touch of a human. There are lines she’s afraid she might cross that keep her from finding that fulfilment, so she’s a very lonely lady. Until one night Fate decides to take a hand and deliver unto her the very thing she craves, in the form of two very hunky shifters. Jane has never in all her decades felt as confused as now.

Jude is an alpha with several things on his mind,not least of which is the woman they’ve been tracking who smells like home. Only he’s not prepared for the fact that not only he,but his second, Cray are destined to be her mate. Now they have to learn to share, find the rogue out for revenge and keep Jane safe at the same time, for this ousted pack member has already killed once.

For a good quick read full of steamy sex, humour (whether intentional or just my perverted sense of) and strong characters Calista Fox‘s Claim Me is a fine choice. Jane has the kind of alpha female confidence that makes for great dialogue, while both Jude and Cray are sexy, strong men who learn that sometimes the joke is on them. The biggest disappointment for me was the length (but I always like more than less) because just as I was getting into all of it, their part was over. Knowing this is part of a series I still like a little more in-depth exploration of their stories, but it’s still well-rounded, complete and I enjoyed it.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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