REVIEW: Caught in a Rundown ~ Lisa Saxton ~ Scribner ~ Crime

Title: Caught in a Rundown
Author: Lisa Saxton
Website of Author:
Publisher: Scribner
Genre: Crime
Publication date: August 5, 1997
ISBN 10: 0-684-82967-3; ISBN 13: 978-0684829678
Length: 288 pages
Format: Hardcover
Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

Reviewer for;, Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger Program

Jewel Averick is a self serving woman who thinks of no one but herself. When her famous baseball hubby Russell Averick buys yet another trophy to add to his collection of baseball paraphernalia, she gets mad because he never spends that kind of money on her, never seems to think of her first. As a result, she substitutes one of his James ‘Cool Papa’ Bell gloves to a couple of thugs instead of the Two-Mile McLemore glove they want. She figures since Russell had two Bell gloves, he wouldn’t miss one. She is wrong. She comes close to being ‘dead’ wrong.

After the thugs leave with Bell’s glove, Jewel gets so angry she knocks McLemore’s glove out of its case and the stitching breaks loose at the base of the thumb. A slip of old, yellowed paper falls out. Thus begins Jewel’s romp into the world of treasure hunting. If she can find Two-Mile McLemore and make him meet with Russell, Russell will forgive her for selling his glove. Or so she thinks. A series of events bring Jewel and her friend Dee Sweet, another baseball player wife, into a closer friendship and both end up facing death head on.

Lisa Saxton explores the issue of selfishness and the many problems this can cause in any relationship. Her deep insights into human nature make her books worth reading. Visit her website to learn more and to see her other books.

Author Bio:
Lisa Saxton, aka Alexandra Vonn, was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and has also lived in Merchantville, New Jersey, Annapolis, Maryland, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she graduated from Chatham College. She now resides in northern New Jersey. An avid baseball fan, she divides her free time between rooting for her beloved New York Yankees and waiting (and/or searching) for “Mr. You’ll Do.”


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