REVIEW: Cassandra, Silky Sins by Robin Gideon from Aspen Mountain Press

You’d think being one of the highest execs in Pegasus would be stimulation enough for a woman, yet Cassandra Tucarious finds herself wishing for more—or at any rate, her body does. Now she’s falling for two men; both of whom she knows. The problem? One is in his twenties, which is hard for the thirty-nine-year-old to accept, and the other is in his forties.

Garrett works with Cassandra and while he’s known many women, none of them holds the same fascination that she does. Now he’s got a chance to make a relationship with her and he’s not giving her up—to anybody.

Erik and Cassandra have worked together for a number of years, but it’s during a trip to Athens on business that he discovers she is a remarkably sensual woman. Now, he’s decided to find out if it’s just looks or if she’s truly as magnificent as she appears.

I am so jealous! I loved this one with a remarkably strong, intelligent, beautiful, older woman finding out how to deal with her own sexuality. It was a stunning read with jealousy, betrayal, deceit, magnificently erotic sex, and male characters who, while maybe not truly realistic, sure make me wish they were. I did, moreover, love the ending.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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