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Title: Bound to Change
Author: Aurora Jamison
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Website of Publisher:
Genre: BDSM/Bondage
ISBN: 1-55410-712-1
Length: 275 Pages
Format: e-book
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

A good job, good friends; these are the positive things in Diana Westbrook’s life. The negative? She hasn’t been able to find a man who is assertive enough to claim her, much less make her love him. Until she tries the chat room her assistant gives her and comes across the totally in control “Victor”.

In a chat room for adults only, Victor works his wiles on Diana by giving her what she didn’t know she wanted: a Dom. But is she safe or is this some fanatic out to reap rewards? Will this end with her being hurt?

I think there is a lot of confusion in today’s society about the D/S lifestyle, what comprises each side’s personality and this book gives us some insight into parts of the entire personality which, if ignored, can cause feelings of dissatisfaction. I found this an intriguing look at a part of a lifestyle in which force (non-consensual) is never used, but personality domination is preferred. The entire story is worth re-reading several times.

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