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Boss by Sierra CartwrightBoss

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I’m reviewing The Boss, (Book three in The Donovan Dynasty trilogy) by Sierra Cartwright . Here are my thoughts:

^^ This book features the youngest Donovan brother, Nathan, and the new girl on the scene, Kelsey Lane, an executive assistant and career woman, who knows her own mind. When she decides to go to the Donovan BDSM club, smitten Nathan offers to be her Dom for one week. From here on, sparks ignite, passion flares and their relationship deepens. But not in the usual girl meets boy way.

^^ Although I’ve not read the previous books in this series, however, I do feel Sierra Cartwright does a very good job of introducing me to all the characters in the Donovan family without overwhelming or confusing me, which is great. So why did I jump in at book three? I’ve never been one to miss out on a good series, and I’ve heard so much about this author’s work, I wanted to check them out. Knowing I’ve not read all of the series, I do allow a little leeway for this, however, I needn’t have worried.

^^ The romance is really believable, as is the sexual chemistry between them as a dominant man with his female submissive. I really enjoyed how they discovered each other, on so many levels; the trust, and their developing bond, blended with the excitement of a new relationship – in a BDSM setting.

Overall: This is a well written, steamy story, where the passion between Nathan and Kelsey practically burns holes through the pages. (Or threatens to heat up your e-Reader until it explodes!) Right, now I’m off to check out the previous two books, and get some ice cold water to cool me down…

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