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Blood Sisters by Jane Corry
Blood Sisters
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I am reviewing Blood Sisters, by Jane Corry. Here’s what I thought:

^^ Three little girls. One good. One bad. One dead.

^^ This is a story of three parts, told by two different ladies, half sisters, Alison and Kitty, both of whom are living very different lives. Alison recently got a job in an men’s open prison and Kitty has been living in a care home, disabled, unable to speak and with no memory of what happened to her.

^^ After a series of “too good to be true” coincidences at the beginning, I thought to myself, early readers of this book are not going to like this, because a lot of what was happening appeared unbelievable and realistic. I almost stopped reading myself, but then decided against it as I wanted to see how it all panned out. After all, the author, Jane Corry is not stupid, there must be some trick up her sleeve, right? At least this is what I hoped…

^^ I’m so glad I carried on, for not long after it all became clear and what on the surface seemed like a simple novel about sibling rivalry actually turned out to something much more complex and shocking. Just as I had suspected. It turned out to be a very well written, satisfying and most enjoyable read. Very cleverly thought out.

Overall: Whether you can’t get past the coincidences is something only you can decide, but I thoroughly enjoyed this, and the reasons behind it. Towards the end there was quite simply one twist after the other. Just when I thought I knew what was going on, I was proved wrong. Again.

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