REVIEW: Black Lace Quickies 1 – Anthology


Title: Black Lace Quickies 1
Author: Various (See below)
Publisher: Virgin Black Lace
Publish Date: September 15, 2007
Genre: Erotica / Anthology
ISBN-10: 0352341262
Length: 122 pages
Format: Print

Fancy a Quickie?

The first book in this delightful short story series Black Lace Quickies features authors Nuala Deuel, Virginia St. George, Jessica Donnolly, Monica Belle, Jan Bolton and Fiona Locke.

“O” written by Nuala Deuel is about a single air hostess, Inga Loeb, who is desperate to find a toy worthy of a woman entering her fourth decade. Trawling her bookmarked favourites she stumbles across a new website which contains a picture of a realistic, exceptionally proportioned male sex doll called Dave. You get what you pay for and with a four figured price tag, Inga knew he must really be something special. How special, I am sure she was not aware of when she feverishly clicked on the ‘Buy now!’ button. But hey, what she does in her spare time is up to her. Or is it?

In Virginia St.George’s “Life Boat,” the main protagonist, Lauren, finds herself in deep water when during a week long cruise to Greece she meets Ben and Cass, and is shipped into enchanted waters of the intimate, seafaring kind. Awash with desire with all its young male waiters and her new-found friends, the luxurious liner is not the only vessel which needs to be filled. Swept away by waves of passion, this is one voyage Lauren will never forget!

The moment Jessica Donnolly starts her short story, “Doctor’s Orders,” with Jon Adams walking into Doctor Cooper’s surgery with an injured knee I just knew we were in for a treat, as both doctor and patient get more than they bargained for. Not only were they ex-lovers, but their relationship was a contest of power and submission. Yes, professional, trustworthy Dr. Emma Cooper was once his little slut, and would do anything to serve and obey. Now, Emma, donning the white coat and stethoscope realised that Jon no longer held the higher ground and the power of her position gave her a new confidence to take Jon in hand, and not just for medicinal purposes either.

Ever stood against a petrol pump with no knickers on and rode the vibrations as you pretend you are only filling up your car? Well you might, after reading “Pumps,” by Monica Belle, as this is exactly what her protagonist does. The tank of a small Metro, however, was never enough to bring herself all the way to orgasm—what she needed was a larger car. But it’s an expensive pastime, and involves lots of traveling, which is what drives her to succeed in her job, and increase her wages. This gives a new slant to the expression ‘driven to distraction’.

Hitting for six in Jan Bolton’s “Lovely Cricket” is protagonist Chris Cavendish, a cricketer of whom has his sights set on more than ‘The Ashes’ as he contemplates the morality of having an affair with an older woman. Not just any old woman, but the mum of his classmate. Besotted as a schoolboy would be when faced with sexy housewife, Melinda Parry, he can hardly believe his luck when they almost get together. If his cricket team wins, she’ll meet him behind the scoreboard after the game. Will Chris get his second innings? And if that’s not an incentive to win and read what happens next, I don’t know what is.

Finally, we come to Fiona Locke’s “Kissing the Gunners Daughter,” a tale of one girl’s yearning to serve in His Majesty’s Royal Navy under the command of Lieutenant Trevelyan, who is renown for dishing out harsh canning punishments to maintain order on board. Bent over the cannon this position is known as ‘kissing the gunners daughter, and not one Emily could try being a mere woman condemned to a future of domestic duties. Unless, of course, she could trade places and disguise herself as her brother, Sebastian. Imagine the disgrace, however, if she were to be discovered. Would the pleasure of such pain be worth it?

All in all it’s sexy, playful, titillating, spicy, direct, clever and cunning mixed with dangerous connotations and unexpected twists that are easily picked up (or shelved) when you fancy. The juicy bits are delicious, and makes for a quick, entertaining tease. Oh, my! I think I have just described my ideal partner.

Lots of quickies rolled into one. What a treat! These little teasers are just the job to get you in the mood for more, and you might be tempted to read some of the authors’ larger works, too!


Angelika Devlyn

Originally posted on ERWA

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