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Before the Fall by Noah Hawley

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I am reviewing the book Before the Fall by author Noah Hawley, the author pretty well known for being the writer of the TV series Fargo and the book The Good Father. Here’s what I thought:

^^ In short, the story starts with a private plane crash and only two surviving, Scott and the four year old son of a multi-millionaire news mogul, of whom is only alive because Scott saved him.

^^ What appears to be a story of survival cleverly turns into a dramatised saga questioning who Scott really is and why he is on the plane.

^^ Each passenger of the plane, whether alive or dead, has a part to play as the their lives and intertwining relationships are dissected and they slowly reveal themselves for who they really are.


The story started as a crashing wave dragging me under, driving me forward at a rate of knots where I landed at a final conclusion and was able to breath again. This is a marvellous piece of writing, that unfolds in such a clever way. I am sure it will be even better when adapted for TV or film, as I hope it will be.

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2 thoughts on “#Review: Before the Fall | Noah Hawley

  1. I always enjoy it when stories take a surprising turn. Been watching the Fargo series, as I loved the movies. Still not sure if I’ll keep following it.

  2. Yes, I’ve not started the new Ewan McGreggor season yet, but I do like him and hope to watch it!

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