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Bedroom Eyes (Skin Deep, Book One)Bedroom Eyes by Desiree Holt
Length: 83 pages
Reviewer: Elizabeth Coldwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bridget is an aspiring writer whose dreams of literary success and finding the man of her dreams are blighted by a medical condition that has left her with deformed eyelids. Though her friends reassure her it’s really not a problem, she hides away behind dark glasses and remembers every negative comment that’s been made about her appearance. Corrective surgery is available, but it costs more than she can afford. She lusts after her next-door neighbour, Clay, a Navy SEAL who always has a woman on his arm, but she doesn’t have the courage to let him see her without her glasses. 

An invitation to a masked ball enables Bridget to share a night of unbelievable sex with Clay, and when she discovers she fits the criteria of a trust that offers to pay for cosmetic surgery in suitable cases, she knows she has the chance to change her life for ever. But how will Clay react when he learns the true identity of his masked lover, and will there be an unexpected price for Bridget to pay as a result of finally getting bedroom eyes?

This is the first book in the Skin Deep series, tales which revolve around one of the characters’ desire to have plastic surgery, and Desiree Holt picks up the brief and runs with it. She generates plenty of heat in the relationship between Bridget and Clay. Bridget might be the typical sparky but vulnerable heroine and Clay the hard alpha male with a soft centre, but they’re believable characters for all that. There’s plenty of sex packed into the book’s relatively short length, including a particularly sizzling scene where the lights are out and Clay and Bridget have to discover each other’s bodies in the dark.

Of course, the more intriguing storyline would have been one where Bridget doesn’t have the surgery and Clay falls in love with her anyway, but perhaps that’s going to be addressed in another book in the series. As it is, Bedroom Eyes is a sweet, nicely paced story that can’t fail to satisfy Desiree Holt’s many fans.

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