REVIEW: Bare Knuckle MBA ~ Clayton Bye ~ Chase Enterprises ~ Nonfiction/Business Motivational

Title: Bare Knuckle MBA
Author: Clayton Bye
Website of Author:
Website of Publisher: Chase Enterprises
Genre: Business Motivational
Publication date: 2008
ISBN -13: 978-0-9739933-9-4
Length: 215 pages
Format: Hardcover / eBook
Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

Bare Knuckle MBA is a book that focuses on any every aspect of operating a business from the generation of an idea for a product to the day-to-day managing of affairs. Mr. Bye shows his readers how to do market surveys needed to inform the prospective business owner what products stand a healthy chance of making the business successful. He teaches the business person how to create a business plan/profile of expected expenses and income surrounding the product of choice and how to implement the plan. Techniques for specialization are explained.

Mr. Bye teaches marketing procedures designed to ‘position’ your business in people’s minds so that when the product is mentioned, the consumer immediately thinks of you. Techniques on choosing employees and training them are outlined. Even a person with no business skill can easily adopt this plan to become a success. Mr. Bye’s explanations of each section are clear and thorough. Bare Knuckle MBA is actually the plan he teaches as a business consultant. Last, Mr. Bye outlines his own marketing plan by which a reader can see clearly how these techniques work together to make the business a success.

I liked this book because it teaches Mr. Bye’s techniques in easy to understand language in a step by step manner that’s simple to put into use. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in developing a business, to those who already have a business and need help in a tough spot, and to those, like me, who have absolutely no business skills at all. If you’re an employer, I suggest considering Mr. Bye as a consultant and bringing him in to train yourself and your employees.

Author Bio:

Clayton Bye is an independent author and business consultant. Writing and publishing since 1994, he’s also an accomplished speaker and trainer who has delivered countless keynote addresses, seminars and workshops on a wide variety of topics.

A Member of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild and the Manitoba Editor’s association, he has a long list of publishing credits. These include the ever popular How To Get What You Want From Life and his fantasy novel, The Sorcerer’s Key, featuring the unusual hero, Jack Lightfoot.

Current projects include taking his company national and writing a second Jack Lightfoot novel. He is also an reviewer.


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