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Title: Tapestries 2: Bakra Bride

Author: N.J. Walters

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Website of Publisher:

Genre: Paranormal/Menage a trios or More

Rating: E-rotic

Publication date: January 2006

ISBN: 1-4199-0499-X

Length: Short Novel
Format: eBook


The second book in the Tapestries Series.

The magical tapestry has brought another prospective bride to Javara. More than five hundred years old, it usually only happens once per generation, and just a few months before a tapestry bride had come to the House of Garen.

The House of Bakra had even contested the right to claim her since she was found on the border of their properties. A tapestry wife is precious so they would help protect her when in danger.

Now Jane shows up by Bakra lake in satin pyjamas thinking it is all a dream. The tapestry she had bought depicted three blond warriors with a shadow of a fourth. Zaren and Bador were the oldest two brothers and had agreed to share a wife. One of the younger twins Jarmon hung near death or he and his brother Garrik would have challenged their brothers for the right to claim her. Zaren wakes her, explains the magic of the tapestry, and puts forth his claim. Will she choose to stay and claim one of the brothers as husband?

This second book tells not only a tale of love found, but of hope restored to an entire family. Zaren and Bador prove to be more than competent lovers and Jane is challenged to give up her life at home to stay and accept them.

The sharing of one woman is compellingly erotic, and Jane is certainly up to the task of accepting them both in her bed, but this is not corporate America and she is at a loss when the brutality of this world shatters the peace.

Review for book three coming tomorrow!

Reviewer: Aris

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