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Title: Aunt Carla’s Disciplinary Studio
Author: Carla Marie
Author Website
Publisher: Lulu Publishing
Genre: Spanking erotica
Publication date:  April 2011
Length: 81 pages 
Format: eBook 
Reviewer: Michael Thorn

Spanking Erotica To Warm One’s Heart as Well as Bottom

Carla Marie, writing in the guise of her dominant persona of Aunt Carla in Aunt Carla’s Disciplinary Studio, presents twenty-one tales of flesh slapping, bottom reddening spanking hijinks which guarantees to provide pleasure and satisfaction to  the most discerning readers of spanking erotica. Whether it is in the form of F/F – Females spanking Females, F/M – Females spanking Males, or M/F – Males spanking Females, Carla Marie provides the finest in adults receiving a normally childish punishment for their less than adult behavior.  

Aunt Carla is a professional disciplinarian for adults, or rather as Aunt Carla describes herself “…a disciplinarian of naughty adults.” She dispenses over the knee justice to clients ranging from grown daughters sent by their overwhelmed parents or stepparents, wives sent by their angry husbands and husbands sent by frustrated wives.  

And spanking is not the only hot button being pushed by Carla Marie as her Aunt Carla masterfully uses D/s – Dominance/submission – to tame naughty adult boys and girls via embarrassment by means of scolding, corner time both private within her inner studio and public out in the reception area for all other clients to see, enforced nudity – again, both private and public – and even a male chastity device for the unfortunate Mr. Morrissey who cannot display self-restraint when his wife isn’t around in the two part story, No Clothes For Master Morrissey. All this and more are the tools of Aunt Carla, professional disciplinarian, as she is ably assisted by her twenty-one year-old niece and receptionist, the cute but incorrigible Amelia, who is not immune from feeling her Aunt Carla’s sting when she misbehaves. The three part story dealing with her correction, Miss Amelia’s Punishment Letter, is Aunt Carla at her dominant best dealing out not only physical chastisement but also a lesson in humility and hubris.  

But Carla Marie doesn’t stop there as in addition to Aunt Carla stories she also gives the reader a continuation of tales previously introduced in her first short story book, Carla in the Corner. Such stories as the Eddington House series which is a delightful peek into a sorority house overseen by Mrs. Eddington whose old world charm and sensibilities are enforced with a firm hand on coeds who need stern supervision in manners and behavior. Melanie Comes To Stay where a deeply held childhood grudge between Melanie and her cousin Olivia is settled on the business side of a hairbrush upon adult Melanie’s curvaceous bottom. And The Wilkins Institute, a school for poorly performing adult female students being put on the right path by the capable hands of the beautiful Dr. Clarissa Wilkins, a woman whose impressive intellect is only surpassed by her strong conviction that young ladies benefit from corporal punishment to reach their full potential. FYI The Wilkins Institute stories are being developed into Carla Marie’s first novella renamed, The Girls of Wilkins Prep, which should be released later this year.   

Aunt Carla’s Disciplinary Studio breathes fresh life into the spanking erotica genre with vivid characters who grab readers and drag them over laps to be paddled then stood in the corner…much to the readers’ delight. Carla Marie’s steamy prose and elegant style pushes squirmy buttons some people never knew existed. These stories not only warm one’s seat they also warm one’s heart with three-dimensional characters who touch our emotions, a rare achievement in this genre. For a collection of stories which puts heat in your cheeks, both upper and lower, you can do no better than Carla Marie’s Aunt Carla’s Disciplinary Studio

Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

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