REVIEW: At Love’s Command, Brothers in Arms 4 by Samantha Kane from Ellora’s Cave

Title: At Love’s Command, Brothers In Arms 4
Author: Samantha Kane
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Regency-set / Menage a trois or More / Historical / Gay
Rating: E-rotic
Publication date: December 2007
ISBN: 9781419914041
Length: Super Plus Novel
Format: eBook

Ian Witherspoon was betrothed to Sophia Middleton since she was ten and he was eighteen. A long twelve years in which the war and his love for Derek Knighlty had his mind more than filled, to the point that he hadn’t thought of Sophia much at all. Now was the time to complete the betrothal and marry her. Derek was less than thrilled. He liked his relationship with Ian as it was, they did not need a woman.

Others in his company of fighters in the war found women to love them both. Jason Randall, Tony Richards and their wife Kate were a perfect example. Why couldn’t Ian and Derek have the same?

Ian wanted a new beginning for himself and Derek a way to continue their love but move away from all the unpleasant memories of the war. He wanted a family and children, and Miss Middleton was a way to accomplish that.

Sophie just wanted out of her father’s house. She had been clinging to the promise of a young Ian for twelve years,

“When you are grown, Miss Middleton, I shall come for you and you shall be my wife.”

She wanted to hold him to that even though she was a damaged bride.

This is another amazing story of men damaged by years of war and how they cling to each other for comfort and love in the time of peace that follows. All they really want it to start again and for Ian and Derek there chance is with Sophie. They will have to win her heart and give theirs in return. Trusting that kind of love is difficult, especially when you know that if it is misplaced loving will lead to great pain. A wonderfully romantic, passionate story, and a great addition to the Brothers in Arms series.

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