REVIEW: Ash, Trey and the Aether Sprite by Denise Kendrick and R.D.Solange from eXtasy Books

Title: Ash, Trey and the Aether Sprite
Author: Denise Kendrick, R. D. Solange
Website of Author:
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Yaoi, Gay, M / M, Science Fiction, Erotica Beyond, Humour, Menage a trois
Publication date: April 2008
Rating: 4 Flames
ISBN: 978-1-55487-044-8
Length:154 Pages
Format: e-book
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

Looking for things while in a somnolent state is what Ash does for a
living and he’s good at it. Not everyone can be a seeker for it’s
somewhat chaotic out in the land of the ether where many beings other than human dwell. That’s where he met the sprite named Violet who’s developed the crush on Trey.

Becoming a Minder was probably a natural progression for Trey since he’d taken care of his four younger brothers. Now he cares for Ash while he seeks, making sure he remains safe and “wakes up” from his seeking trances before he remains too long. He’s not sure however how to deal with the sprite who’s “borrowed” a male body for the purpose of having sex with him.

This is probably one of the most unusual reads I’ve encountered in some time, but I have to give Miss Violet credit for sheer perseverance. A sprite determined to have her way with a man, the mens’ way of dealing with not only intrusion, but true emotion, humor and some incredibly tender lovemaking as well as down and dirty sex. This is a really fun read.

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