REVIEW: Apocalypse Woman by Tyree Q. Kimber from Dark Roast Press


Title: Apocalypse Woman
Author: Tyree Q. Timber
Publisher: Dark Roast Press
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Fantasy
Publication date: June 2008
Publisher’s Rating:
ISBN: Unassigned
Length: 386 Pages
Format: e-book
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

What’s a girl to do when she’s not going to get what she wants the old-fashioned way by marrying it? Make a deal with the devil? Not quite—but a fallen angel comes pretty close. Selkines Ondine decides it’s better to deal with Abryax than marry some pathetic man or especially, the Aratriconian Church. All she has to do is bear him a child and give it up—nothing to it.

Being poet to the King and not any higher in station than she, Erasmas has been in love with Selkines pretty much since the first time he saw her. He just doesn’t know who his competition really is or what a struggle it truly is going to be to win her. Especially since she sees him as negligible competition of any sort.

I have to admit this one is a bit of a different kettle of fish. It’s the first time such descriptiveness is given to the negative attributes (his true appearance) and yet still made to appear sensual and erotic. I found this one to be for me a look at the fact that none of us are entirely good or entirely evil and sometimes when least expected there is one person that unexpectedly brings out parts of us we didn’t know were there. This one has a bit of it all; angels—both Heavenly and Fallen, jealousy, evil (of course), hypocrisy, steadfast love, despair, joy and triumph all interwoven into a plot so intricate it must be read slowly so as not to lose the significance of anything.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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