Review : Androgynous Murder House Party

Title: Androgynous Murder House Party
Author: Steven Rigolosi
Publisher: Ransom Note Press
Genre: Adults; Fiction/Mystery
Publication date: June 15, 2009
ISBN -13: 978-0-9773787-6-0
Length: 276 pages
Format: Trade paperback
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Reviewer: Clayton Bye

Steven Rigolosi is the director of market research and development at W. H. Freeman & Co. and Worth Publishers. The first book in the Tales from the Back Pages series, Who Gets the Apartment?, received the David Award for best Mystery of 2006 by the Deadly Ink convention. Library Journal has called Rigolosi “a completely fresh voice in the mystery genre.”

Androgynous Murder House Party (Tales from the Back Pages #3) is great fun to read. A whodunit starring the sleuth Robin Anders, a wealthy New York socialite who maintains a drug-enhanced, self-centred and largely fabricated existence, this tale is something new under the sun.

Narrator of the story, Robin Anders delivers a constant description of the world as only Robin sees it. This means that since everything is coloured by Robin’s warped perspective the reader must answer many questions: What’s real, and what’s imagined? Is Robin a man or woman, straight or gay? What are the genders and sexual preferences of Anders’ circle of friends? And let’s not forget about the house party! A weekend at Robin’s Long Island estate leads to a series of murders, robberies and shenanigans that only Robin (of course) has the intelligence to solve.

Steven Rigolosi has a solid set of writing skills. His cast of unusual characters entertains and intrigues. I also enjoyed his unique sense of humour. Nothing in Androgynous Murder House Party is typical of the mystery genre (even the dénouement will surprise). Rigolosi truly is refreshing.

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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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