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Title: Amanda’s Young Men
Author: Madeline Moore
Author Website:
Publisher: Virgin Books / Black Lace
Published: 2008
ISBN: 978-0-352-34191-4
Genre: Erotica/contemporary
Length: 267 pages
Reviewer: Angelika Devlyn

Oversexed Amanda just can’t stop fantasising about all the men she sees around her. She’s a good girl and never misbehaves, that is, until her husband Roger sticks the boot in, and dies on her. To cap it all- his body is discovered in a hotel room, and although foul play was not suspected by the police, Amanda’s positive he was not there just for a business meeting.

Amanda, determined to enjoy her life and get her own back from her cheating husband, tries to find out what he was up to by stepping into his shoes and takes over his chain of shoe shops. This leads the girl into a whole new world of shoes, dominance, submission and the darker depths of a stock room or two. Some of her employees are also very keen to work overtime when Amanda’s around. Like many employers she’s full of ideas for boosting staff morale, but there’s always someone who disagrees.

When I first picked up this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It sounded like erotic suspense, but it’s more contemporary erotica. What I did expect was lots of great sex scenes, and I wasn’t disappointed. I loved this book. Amanda is smart, sexy, and keen to experiment. I felt for her at times when things were not going her way, and I was pleased to celebrate her successes, of which there are a few. I’ve read Madeline Moore’s work before, and this is her best yet. With characters that come to life, and are knowledgeable in their chosen kinks – this is no conservative pump, I can tell you!

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Author: Angelika Devlyn

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