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Always the Bridesmaid by Dakota Trace


Rating: 5 out of 5.

It is beautiful, sexy, sweet, and full of heart.

This book actually made me cry! It is beautiful, sexy, sweet, and full of heart.  The celebration of a woman of any size gets thumbs up from me. The fact that Ms. Trace was bold enough to take the less trodden path of giving her main character a full figure is just courageous. Dakota’s inner dialog for Jenna is heartbreaking and refreshing.  The insecurities women of all sizes have when it comes to their bodies are handled with grace and honesty. I did not cry when he proposed, I did cry when she finally believed that Noah’s attraction was sincere and deeply rooted. “Not all men like sticks in their bed.”  Noah’s appreciation of Jenna’s curves created a rugged prince than any woman, of any size, will melt over.

The pace is quick, whisking you through the unexpected love affair from first kiss to eternal bliss. While this is a romance, this is most definitely an erotic romance. In this case the erotic center of the book is a breathtaking use of physical emotion. To tell the tale Ms. Trace has designed, sexuality is a main character and is handled with tasteful passion.

I love the simplicity of the tale, the hopeless romance and captured daydream of any woman who is feeling less than glamorous.  Dakota Trace is a highly underrated creative force, and I highly recommend this book.  It tugs on the heart strings, speaks to the enchantment of a man and a woman truly embracing an undeniable attraction, and has an overall heartwarming message of happily-ever after for all sizes, shapes, and colors!

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She’s been burned, and he’s going to help her get revenge.

Always the bridesmaid, that’s what everyone says about dependable Jenna Smith. With her cousin’s wedding coming up and no boyfriend in sight, she doesn’t expect it to change. That’s until she meets Dr. Noah Absolom, one of the groomsmen. Not only does he not mind her BBW size, he seems to love it. Even as she basks in his attention, Jenna’s ugly past with the best man rears its ugly head. Rather than letting Jenna flee from it, Noah proposes that he help her get sweet revenge on her cheating ex – all Jenna has to do is accept.

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