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A Week to Be Wild by J.C. Harroway

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When you read this book you’ll need one of these, whatever the weather! (And I’m not talking about a long pair of ears, either!)

I’m reviewing A Week to be Wild by JC Harroway. Here are my thoughts:

Smart and intelligent books for smart and intelligent people. I would say women, by why should we have all the fun?

^^ A Week to be Wild by JC Harroway is the first in a daring new, sexy series — aptly named DARE — by Mills and Boon, and boy have they upped their sizzle with this range, if this book is anything to go by!

^^ This bold story features an intelligent American business woman, Libby Noble, and her adventure with British billionaire businessman Alex Lancaster. When I say adventure, I mean that on more levels than one. He wants to invest in services as a marketer for Able-Active, a new charity, which is very meaningful to him. With a week to be wild, he’d agreed to play a sensual game by her rules, and as part of that agreement, she’ll have to agree to try out his charity’s programme, forcing her to step outside her comfort zone with some daredevil pursuits of his own. All for a good cause, of course! If you’re going to work for any company, it’s certainly wise to get stuck right in and get down and dirty, as they say. Well, I hope they do!

^^ The only trouble is, will she be able to focus with Alex around? After all, he’s a movie star, bad-boy, gentleman rogue, geeky surfer dude, with brains and business acumen, (and quite a mouthful!) all rolled into one mouth-watering package. He’s also worth quite a bit, too. Always a bonus.

^^ I love the way both Libby and Alex are vying for alpha status, yet she comes out on top (pun intended) and manages to control an alpha male who is usually used to getting his own way. Alex thinks she’s a stubborn, independent women, and Libby is keen to show she’s no pushover, whilst forcing his natural alpha tendencies into submission. It’s a battle of wills, I can tell you!

^^ In addition to the actual storyline I must also comment on the style of this new range and branding. It. Is. Gorgeous! They’re hot, without being in your face pornographic. Very classy. The paperbacks are just the right size to carry around in a handbag for when you’re on the go.

^^ In fact, their whole site has had a stunning makeover, and they’ve launched a definitive guide to the Rules of Romance. Check it out!

Overall: I’m really pleased to be part of Mills and Boon’s Dare launch, and excited to read more stories from this range. If I could compare this style to other books I’ve read like this, I’d say it’s up there with the Black Lace titles. Happy to recommend JC Harroway’s book, A Week to be Wild, because it’s a well-written story, highly engaging and brimming with passion. As is, I suspect, the rest of this range is going to be… Stay seated, and switch on that electric fan. It doesn’t matter what the weather’s like out there, it’s going to get hot in here!

This book was provided to me by Netgalley, and Mills and Boon, because I’m Mills and Boon Insider, but this does not influence my opinion as all opinions are my own.

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My Mills and Boon Experience – A REVIEW

Whilst we’re all taking Mills and Boon, I’d like to mention about my free book club trial experience. Mills and Boon very kindly approached me and offered a three month subscription to any of their book club series. Well, of course, being a fan I jumped at the chance and chose the NOCTURNE RANGE. Here’s what I thought:

Mills and Boon Book Club is a book subscription service.

How Easy Is Their Service To Use?

It’s very simple!
1. Select your series
Find your favourite romance genre
2. Join and save 50%
Currently there is an offer to sign up to receive up to 50% off your first parcel!
3. Sit back and relax
Your chosen books will be delivered direct to your door. See, simples!
All monthly subscriptions are pre-selected by their editors, so we receive the best of their series. This does mean they can’t vary the titles within those selections, but for me that is not a problem. In fact, it’s part of the fun! This is also clearly explained on their website.
After you’ve selected your range, you’ll then receive your books on the 1st of each month.
I chose the Nocturne range, 2 books a month, which I think have now changed over the The Supernatural Series with this stunning new look of their whole website.
Where you can “Delve into dark, sensuous and often dangerous territory, where the normal and paranormal collide. Unleash the untamed passions of the underworld in these deliciously wicked tales of paranormal romance.”
Now we can happily get the new DARE series, which comes with a brilliant 4 books a month! If this had of been available at the time of my membership, I would have chosen these books.
However, I am throughly enjoying those I did receive, which were also pretty HOT, and I hope to post about all the them as soon as I can.

So what does it mean to be a Mills and Boon Book Club Reader:

Each month I got very excited indeed, just knowing a new selection of two books would be dropping through my door! I never, ever wanted them to stop!
The arrived in a jiffy bag, which I was slightly disappointed with. I guess I felt like I’d be getting them in a proper cardboard box, you know like those books you get from some book subscription boxes. But maybe that’s me expecting too much. In all honesty, other than that slight niggle, I cannot fault their service or the books I received.
And yes, I did ring up their customer services department (sneaky, huh?) Well, I was asked to review the service, so I made a full and thorough investigation, haha!  Again, the lady on the line was very helpful and I had no complaints.

Additional Extras I liked:

For each month you’re a member you get points, which you can build up and exchange for free books and gifts. It’s like a loyalty scheme, but heaps of fun, and very enticing.
There’s free postage and packing, so you know exactly what you are paying for.  No hidden extras.

Would I recommend the Mills and Boon Book Club?

It’s a resounding YES! Apart from my slight niggle about how they were delivered, and I’m not sure that really deserves a loss of points, since Mills and Boon have not done anything wrong and I may just be over-thinking it…
So if asked for a star rating, I’d definitely give the whole service and the books, a full 5 stars. I was a very satisfied customer, and happy to recommend.

More information about Mills and Boon Book club can be found at:

The Mills and Boon Book Club Subscription Service:  https://www.millsandboon.co.uk/subscriptions/paperback-subscription/
I would like to thank Mills and Boon for this opportunity. I’ve discovered some great books, and I’ve even bought more of my own!

Thank you!!!

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