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A Stranger in the House by Shari LapenaA Stranger in the House

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A Stranger in the House

When danger lies close to home who can you trust?

I’ve just read the book A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena. I loved her fast-paced, well written debut book “The Couple Next Door”, so (thanks to the publisher for the ARC) was pleased to be given the chance to review this author’s second book, which I hoped was just as good. No pressure!

^^ Imagine you’re in an accident. You wake up not remembering what happened, and the police are knocking on your door raising suspicions about your whereabouts in conjunction with a murder.

^^ Everyone is looking at you for answers, your best friend, your spouse. But who can you trust if you don’t even know if you can trust yourself?

^^ This is exactly the predicament the main character Karen finds herself in. The very short review would be that this plot made for an absolutely fantastic read. I read it hunger, eager to feed my curiosity about just how this book was going to end, and I couldn’t do anything else until I’d finished. But I can’t possibly stop here. (As you can see from the length of this review).

^^ Yet again, Shari Lapena has proved herself to be a very good author, not that she needs to prove it, the evidence is within the pages. The plot is intriguing, well-written and packed full of secrets waiting to be revealed!

^^ Reading this story I steamed through the many twists and turns, and red herrings, trying to guess the answers along the way.

^^ This is one of those books where “unputdownable”, as cliché as that sounds, is so apt. In fact, I’ll go as far to say there were more ups and downs for this character Karen and her husband, Tom, than any roller-coaster I’ve ever been on. And I’ve been on a lot!

Overall: I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading “A Stranger in the House” and think it was even better than “The Couple Next Door”. I’ve no idea what Shari Lapena will come up with next, but I can assure you I’ll do my best to be first in line to find out!

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