REVIEW: A Sexual Spark by Skylar Sinclair from Dark Eden Press

Title: A Sexual Spark
Author: Skylar Sinclair
Website of Author:
Publisher: Dark Eden Press
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Paranormal/Romance
Publication date: Dec. 1, 2007
Rating: Erotic
ISBN: Unasigned
Length:11,234 words
Format: PDF eBook

Lauren is a waitress in a bar, a hangout really for shape shifters of all kinds. As a wolf herself, she handles all the aggressive types that venture in and loves the male attention. When tall dark and handsome enters her senses are all on alert. Not only does he get her hot but on her break as she goes for some air in the alley he gets even wetter. Serge lets her know he wants more and will be back when she gets off work. It is a typical one-night-stand.

Oh darn, I always love a happily-ever-after with emotions and love completing the picture. However, shifter relationships being more sexual than emotional in some aspects it is expected that their relationship would be short lived. That they would have hot steamy sex is not new either, so this book delivers on the sexy side. There is always hoping, he will stop by again and more will develop. If you are looking for a quick thrill this book is for you.

About the Author:

Skylar Sinclair was born and raised in the California. From a very beginning, she lived and breathed horses. She trained and showed them from her youth, until she was a young adult. Skylar loves all creatures great and small. It was not until her early forties that Skylar got the writing bug and tried her hand at erotic romance. From her first story, Swing By Me, she got hooked, and the rest is history. Skylar contributes any success she has to the readers and reviewers. Without them, her writing would be meaningless.

Reviewer: Aris

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