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Title: A Prescription for Love
Author: Leeanne Marie Stephenson
Website of Author:
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: MARCH 7, 2007
ISBN: 1-4241-6507-5
Length: 200 pages
Format: Paperback
Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

When Head Nurse Nicole Danley makes the patient rounds with Dr. Travis Anderson she feels complete as a nurse and as a woman. Attracted to Dr. Anderson without really knowing why, Nicole suffers each time his name is mentioned in conversation because of his womanizing ways. She believes him to be the love’em and leave’em type of man. Trying to drown her attraction to such a man, Nicole welcomes the attentions of Dr. Ronald Ebers, a doctor who seems to have more to say for himself than for others.

When Nicole is endangered by a convict who is assigned to her floor, Dr. Anderson is the one to come to her rescue, not Dr. Ebers, and she begins to wonder about her relationship with Ron. As a result of the attack, Nicole takes a leave from her duties and tries to disappear on Mackinac Island where her aunt and uncle have a vacation home. Hopefully, by the time she gets over her encounter with danger, she will view her relationship with Ron Ebers and determine where her heart lies. The moment of truth comes a few days after returning to work when Nicole is invited to a dinner party. After the party, Nicole finally receives her Prescription for Love.

The story is built on the common boy-meets-girl scheme for the normal romance novel. Despite what may be considered wordiness by other writers, Prescription for Love is a story worthy to be told. I recommend it to all readers who love the doctor/nurse romance stories.


Ms. Stephenson’s career as a Registered Nurse was abruptly cut short by a debilitating disease. She took the opportunity to turn this negative into a positive by sharing with all readers the plots and romances that do develop amid the exciting, tumultuous world she encountered while working in the hospital.


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